Screenshots from the feature documentary film including over 60 cast members.

I interviewed over 60 real people in the streets of the greater Los Angeles area for this film. Nearly all of them were very articulate, intelligent, well informed thinkers that I like to think of as the documentary equivalent of A-list actors. All of them are in this slide show of screenshots from the film Got Healthcare?.

Cast list:

Lucia Brawley
President Barack Obama (archive footage)
Dr. Irma Strantz
Cathy Roberts
Maureen Cruise RN
Karen McGee
June Caldwell
Jerry Caldwell
Henry Shaw
Greg Harrison
Dwight Williams
Elizabeth MacFarland
Maddie Gavel-Briggs
Steven Gibson
Melonie Magruder
Roxanne Morales
Patrick Briggs
Dr. Paul Papanek
Ray Gillis
Wesley Murphy
Dr. Jane George
Ellen Campbell
Sam Pullen
Tony Briggs
Patricia Harris
Bob James
Evelyn Bennu
Susan Gregory
Aosta Dimos
Dr. Jo Olson
Betty Seidmon
Dr. Alice Chen
Secretary Kathleen Seibelus (archive footage)
Dr. Susie Baldwin
Dr. Casey Kirkhart
David Busch
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Foster
Stella Kim
Dr. Nikki Mihara
Michael Meloan
Jeff Goodwin
Joanna Joshua
Jasmin Romero
Gilbert Saucedo
Rhonda Hayter
Dr. Paul Song
Dr. Matt Hendrickson
Grigor Sarkisan
Carrie Bible
Valerie Bradford
Michael Moore (archive footage)
Sandra Cannon
Sheila Dvorak
Dr. Margaret Flowers (archive image only)
David Faubion
Matt Britt
Donna Green
Dr. Horace Williams
Joan Holtz
Tom Laichas